Saturday, May 7, 2011

minimal day

now that i ride my bike to work, dressing is tricky at times :)  i have to be careful with skirts, for example, for obvious reasons.  today i wore a skirt despite those reasons, and it worked out fine.  also, this morning was a bit breezy, but it got warm throughout the day so i wore this light utility jacket i got from olga in our last clothes swap.  are you bored yet?  ha.  here's my minimal outfit to assist with that :)

i just paired a really dressy silk dress from uo with a loose knit by lauren conrad (probably thrifted).  i love loose anything, ya know (clothes-wise, haha).




i twisted and knotted my hair to keep it nice and out of the way.  i was thoroughly surprised how well the Bb does it all kept it in tact all day.


with that, i had an all around fantastic friday, starting off with my lady friends a work (we had a bomb color class today - i'm hoping to try what i learned on my mama - did i just say bomb? :) and finishing off with some of my favorite ladies - including this one.

so that's a wrap.


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  1. Oh my dear Elizabeth, you are just to gorgeous for words! Love reading your blog and seeing beautiful pics of you!