Wednesday, May 18, 2011

before you go

i just finished my dinner - grilled cheese with aged cheddar on ezekiel bread with a bit of apricot jam on the side - and a glass of wine.  not the best thing for me, but man it was good good.  i've been snacking here and there on apples and carrots all day long - my body wanted something heavier.  it's my body's fault, lol.

i cheated a (rather messy) finger wave today (i.e. nixed all the gel and just used bobby pins to control the wave instead). it's being held up by the products from the day before - oribe dry texture spray (amazing!) and of course Bb texture creme, topped with Bb does it all - if you can't tell, i'm a bit obsessed with all things texture.  it's quite the mess at this point :)  but as you can see, i don't have much of an outfit post for ya - got a bit too "aware" of all the passers-by around our street when wes was snapping these - he was using a little nifty fifty lens so he got nice and close as you can tell, haha. so it's just my hair.  and this shirt.  which i'm going to post once again on my shop.



i know - in case you forgot what my face looks like...right?!

anyway, i won't be quite the frequenter that i have been these last few weeks (before the long awkward silence).  i have a busy busy next couple of weeks ahead, and then my hope is to be back posting these outfits of mine as well as all sorts of other fun stuff people love to read about.


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