Friday, June 3, 2011

cert of nat

oh hi there!  this is what i wore today, ya know.  i got this insane jungle blazer a couple of weeks back and it is such a great throw-over piece.  i had to wear it of all days taday! 

IMG_7761 - Copy

IMG_7760 - Copy

IMG_7762 - Copy

this was my celebratory outfit for putting my career of trying to pass state board to an end.  

i got my cosmo license!  

so what that it took me three times.  

i was starting to think i was going to meet all the proctors at one point, and starting to accept it, comically enough. 

i'm not going to ramble about it too much, but i have to tell you that carol (my model) and i thought the waiting room before the test was the perfect setup for an snl sketch.  you have the poor models sitting in a socially acceptable stray jacket, while the rest of us are wearing lab coats.  then you have the announcer lady going through the fifty acceptable forms of ID...using a flip book as a visual.  after like five minutes of zoning out, carol and i were like 'wait, is she still reading off forms of id?'  so if you're using your certification of naturalization, enter CERT OF NAT.  we had a good laugh despite the fact that my heart was pounding in my throat as i'm sure was everyone else's.  thanks carol for all the comic relief.  and for that subtle attempt to help me out, even though it went right over my head.  

this is carol

here's what else i've been up to other than giving my husband manicures and pulling carol's hair for practice.  

our friend andy had a birthday party 

ms cassie had me pixie her beautiful hairs :) 


and some other in-betweens i'm sure :) but it's late.  and it's friday tomorrow (woops - today!!) which means i still wake up for work in the morn.  


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  1. Congrats! Taking that test was probably one of the worst experiences ever.