Thursday, June 23, 2011


i got these at that swap i was talking about.  just snagged 'em, though they looked too big for comfort.  however, i threw them on today when getting ready for work along with those new favorite wedges (and a couple other things) and voila. ps - sorry to bore you with the fence back drop again :)





i couldn't let the kitties out this eve because we couldn't find noodle's collar.  she doesn't like wearing it - unlike penny who thinks it's part of her fancy coat.  it wouldn't be fair to noodle if penny got to enjoy the outdoors and noods didn't.  i think they're upset with me.  however, i did see their buddy, coby.  he was just sittin' on the fence!


he was meowing and yawning and getting all up close and personal.  i'm tellin' ya - the cats in this hood are something else.

overalls are from the stitch swap.  wedges are from article consignment.  blouse - don't remember, honestly.  necklace - thrifted :)


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