Friday, June 10, 2011

it's a cat neighborhood

its true.  they're all so friendly too! kinda creepy/awesome.

well, i must get off to bed soon - we have an early start to our weekend tomorra. a series of awkward poses, i present to you what i wore today :)

we walked to tupelo this evening as it was so breezy and beautiful.  and i love walking around!!  plus we have the coolest conversations on our walks.  example here.  wes's only stipulation is that we have a destination.  so we settled it with a trip for some coffee.  

oh yeah - i always forget to tell ya what i'm wearing (sorry! it's really never that impressive and usually thrifted, haha).  my lacey dress worn as "underdress/blouse" here is from forever 21 from like two years ago (it was a potential bridesmaids dress).  the black "party in the front" skirt i got from bows and arrows.  red blazer - thrifted.  sandals - i got them at a clothing exchange party with some girlfriends.  that's it, really. 

that's it for tonight goodfellas.  can i share with you that i hope we don't get sick.  i think we're both (especially wes) are coming down with something and are in denial about it because we want to enjoy our anniversary weekend in the bay.  comical.  i'll report back and let ya know :) 

thanks for checking in!


  1. love the blazer! I love taking walks in the evening after work such a great way to unwind. :)

  2. well I think it's impressive. love the color of the blazer and the addition of the peekaboo fabric underneath the skirt! i think it's funny how boys always have to have a destination in mind while I (and a few other gals) just like to wander somewhat aimlessly.