Thursday, May 31, 2012


wes and i took a little trip to pacific grove for memorial weekend.  we liked it so much two years ago when we traveled there for our anni we thought we'd do it again.  this time it was more sunny and it more than reminded us why we like it so much.  pebble beach was so blue it's nuts.  we rode our bikes along it before we set off for home


we went to a mexican restaurant where i ordered sangria and realized i had forgotten my wallet with my id and of course the waiter couldn't let me.  so wes ordered one and the whole time we were sneaking around - i drinking "his"sangria and he "my" diet coke.  i'm sure the waiter was onto our shenanigans. 

this wedding dress was on sale at a local thrift store.  i loved the presentation. 



unfortunately we were lagging on the picture taking, but it was so nice just to take everything in.  i get so caught up with trying to capture everything in an image - it was quite the exercise.  

in other exciting news - wes and i are officially planning our little trip to europe in october! we'll be flying in to france and that's as far as we have planned.  all we know is we're meeting our friends mike and alla and we'll be crawling through a couple countries for fifteen days.  we're all very open and flexible and will take it one thing at a time.  it's just been one of those things on my big to-do, ya know.  we traveled through some countries while emigrating from russia but that was so long ago.  

anyway - that's it for now loves.  i'll try to be more frequent with the posting :)