Wednesday, May 15, 2013


we spent some relaxing time this sunday at wesley's parents' house celebrating motherhood.

i enjoy our times there because they almost always involve lounging around by the pool in the summertime, or the fireplace when it's cold talking, eating, and laughing.  makes me excited for when the babe comes along - he/she will have some great company.  and if my parents decide to move back to sac, it will be double the company, ha!

come summertime, i eat cherries by the bowlful.  this bowl was full at some point.  gross fact, but i probably ate 80% of the cherries.

i think if you really appreciate someone's motherhood, you should be able to affirm that any day of the year. i will say though it felt pretty special to be congratulated with mothers day for the first time. rookie! 

that's all friends!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

hair soiree

as promised ;) 

the evening turned out much better than i expected.  worth all the stress leading up to it! 

every new(er) stylist at my salon is required to put together a compilation of looks (wardrobe, hair, make up - the focus is hair) and showcase them via fashion show.  it's more a celebration of the stylist than a requirement..but you know, preparing for it feels a lot like a senior project. until it's actually fun.  and then the day of - you truly do feel celebrated. i was one of three stylists showing off our looks - anywho's you get the point. 

my theme was 90s grunge inspired - very bare eye and dark lip with much contouring and of course hair that hopefully projected the attitude of that era - you know, cool and grungy.  much credit to my sweet make up girl who interpreted my vision perfectly, my buddies at a glass jar who supplied most of the wardrobe, my co-workers who assisted me with executing some of the hair masterpieces, and of course my beautiful models who all did me a major major solid (including my husband!). just look at 'em. 

michael working some rick rack into olga's hair

bella, my co-worker's daughter, was one of my last-minute model additions. such a cutie - really pulled the looks together with her tshirt! 

great evening - i celebrated with some pals afterwards.  i think like the next day i found out i was pregnant O_o haha.

ok guyz thanks for reading! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

still here!

hi guys!

i know it's been a little tiny while (sorry!)....i have a little fashion show update in the works, but in the meantime, just wanted to check in and let ya know - i'm still here!!!

most of you who know me and read my blog (when i update) already know - BUT if you don't, i'm four months preggers - nuts! 

just a couple of things that have been happening: 

first trimester - nauseous most of the time...but functional! 
temporarily lost my appetite for sweet potatoes, quinoa, leafy greens, avocado, frustrating! 
temporarily lost my inspiration/motivation for blogging or doing anything online, really.  

the great thing is i'm into my second trimester and am starting to pick things up coffee (not yet black), avo (at least guac), quinoa (thanks to my buddy olga), and i think leafy greens are slowly on their way back too.  sweet potatoes are still far off, but it's ok ;)

wes and i are pretty pumped.  the thought of having kiddos is terrifying and exhilarating.  terrifying because things won't be the same anymore (no more just the two of us). and we have no clue what we're doing. exhilarating because...we're going to have a  little being with his/her own character and personality - a little reflection of us.  praying we do ok ;)

thanks for checking in!