Tuesday, May 7, 2013

hair soiree

as promised ;) 

the evening turned out much better than i expected.  worth all the stress leading up to it! 

every new(er) stylist at my salon is required to put together a compilation of looks (wardrobe, hair, make up - the focus is hair) and showcase them via fashion show.  it's more a celebration of the stylist than a requirement..but you know, preparing for it feels a lot like a senior project. until it's actually fun.  and then the day of - you truly do feel celebrated. i was one of three stylists showing off our looks - anywho's you get the point. 

my theme was 90s grunge inspired - very bare eye and dark lip with much contouring and of course hair that hopefully projected the attitude of that era - you know, cool and grungy.  much credit to my sweet make up girl who interpreted my vision perfectly, my buddies at a glass jar who supplied most of the wardrobe, my co-workers who assisted me with executing some of the hair masterpieces, and of course my beautiful models who all did me a major major solid (including my husband!). just look at 'em. 

michael working some rick rack into olga's hair

bella, my co-worker's daughter, was one of my last-minute model additions. such a cutie - really pulled the looks together with her tshirt! 

great evening - i celebrated with some pals afterwards.  i think like the next day i found out i was pregnant O_o haha.

ok guyz thanks for reading! 

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