Thursday, May 2, 2013

still here!

hi guys!

i know it's been a little tiny while (sorry!)....i have a little fashion show update in the works, but in the meantime, just wanted to check in and let ya know - i'm still here!!!

most of you who know me and read my blog (when i update) already know - BUT if you don't, i'm four months preggers - nuts! 

just a couple of things that have been happening: 

first trimester - nauseous most of the time...but functional! 
temporarily lost my appetite for sweet potatoes, quinoa, leafy greens, avocado, frustrating! 
temporarily lost my inspiration/motivation for blogging or doing anything online, really.  

the great thing is i'm into my second trimester and am starting to pick things up coffee (not yet black), avo (at least guac), quinoa (thanks to my buddy olga), and i think leafy greens are slowly on their way back too.  sweet potatoes are still far off, but it's ok ;)

wes and i are pretty pumped.  the thought of having kiddos is terrifying and exhilarating.  terrifying because things won't be the same anymore (no more just the two of us). and we have no clue what we're doing. exhilarating because...we're going to have a  little being with his/her own character and personality - a little reflection of us.  praying we do ok ;)

thanks for checking in!  


  1. wow already four months already?!!seriously time flies!

    and ehh, i think you'll make just the nicest parental units...well, wait, what is your take on spanking? jk jk.
    anyway, how fun...
    btw offer still stands, if you guys want some pregnancy photos... i'm available.. i'm thinking something like you're both topless...i have lots of ideas, call me.


    cute picture too :)

    1. ok! i like where you're going with this pregnancy shoot. topless. except i was thinking maybe wes would be holding a gun too. like he's protecting me and the baby. what do you think! ;'-D

      but srsly. do you think there's a cool way to do those?? not sure i ever saw but somehow i feel like it's poss. if you do it. and it's not an intentional preg shoot. maybe when we go camping. you'll just do what you normally do, haha!


    2. love the gun idea. maybe he can have handcuffs too, and a cigar.

      candid big sur 2013 photoshoot coming up!