Wednesday, May 15, 2013


we spent some relaxing time this sunday at wesley's parents' house celebrating motherhood.

i enjoy our times there because they almost always involve lounging around by the pool in the summertime, or the fireplace when it's cold talking, eating, and laughing.  makes me excited for when the babe comes along - he/she will have some great company.  and if my parents decide to move back to sac, it will be double the company, ha!

come summertime, i eat cherries by the bowlful.  this bowl was full at some point.  gross fact, but i probably ate 80% of the cherries.

i think if you really appreciate someone's motherhood, you should be able to affirm that any day of the year. i will say though it felt pretty special to be congratulated with mothers day for the first time. rookie! 

that's all friends!


  1. Congratulations Liz! Motherood is seriously the biggest blessing. Also Cherries by the bowl full is my favorite too!
    Patti U

  2. dude i eat 80% of everything all the time and i'm not even pregnant... now that's a gross fact. lulz.
    actually it's not gross. it's not like you ate a whole bowl of hot dogs or something, jeez... what's the world coming to? everyone's freaking out cuz a pregnant, MOTHER TO BE, ate a bowl of cherries... BFD!