Thursday, June 13, 2013

anniversary and munchkin

hello everyone! 

on thursday we found out we're having a girl! (i had a feeling :) anyway we set off for our little anniversary trip right after the appointment so we were really able to mull over different girl names.  we had a good laugh over if we named her joni and she'd be joni matchell! can you imagine the grief this girl would get all her life - she'd have to be like "yes like joni mitchell but with an 'a' instead of the 'i'". rolls eyes.  

on another note we've been married 5 years now which is nuts to me.  it's only been 5! i realize out of the almost 30 years of my life, only about 8 of them were spent with wes.  sometimes i think, who IS he even?! we become such a daily part of each other that i forget we're two different people sometimes.  is that weird?  it's the coolest feeling in the world.  we're like home to each other. i'm sure someone who's been married way longer would be reading this going "you're telling me". haha

here's a little bit about the weekend.

we spent one night in oakland after hanging out in san francisco for a day and then set off for mendocino/fort bragg. this is how i spent the night in our hotel in oakland. in a chair by the window!

we were given a smoking room - being pregnant i was exceptionally angry about this, but it was really too late and we were too tired to try to fight with travelocity and wait for them to find rooms in other hotels. 

fort bragg was a treat though. we stayed at clara's cottages which we tracked using airbnb for the first time and we totally loved it! the pics will probably be boring - we didn't do too much else other than walk along the beach and hang out at the cottage, totally unplugged for the most part.  what a difference it makes.

this is sort of a prego belly shot. sometimes i look more pregnant than others. 

the beach was pretty close to our cottage but you had to get through like three different dune "mountain" ranges and though the beach seemed close-by...if felt farther and farther the closer you got.  it was easy to get disoriented so we made land these two camel humps. or something else ;P 

that is definitely a names book - just for a couple ideas.  although it seems like that's all we were consumed with (lol), i promise we talked about a slew of other things and not just baby.  we're NOT those people.  jk!!! probably were. we also revisited how we grew up and high school years and all that.  so fun to remember and laugh about! younger and wilder days  (i would argue i'm wilder now, but...)

that's about it. now we're getting all set up for our little munchkin.  got a new home so we're having to go through stuff and eventually pack up. a little overwhelming but exciting at the same time. 

thanks for checking in guys! i really hope posts like this aren't too boring. i know i like them. i do intend to blog more about all things hair intermittently. i just like life in general all the same ;) i'll figure it out.  


  1. So amazing! I'm so excited for yours and Wes' s new journey in life. Parenthood is seriously the best part of life. I LOVE being mother to my two little Love's.

    1. Thanks for the sweet encouragement patti! You kiddos are adorable:-)

  2. I'm so happy for you! Don't even worry about it..if your marriage is strong you are golden...and it seems like yours is. It's insane that people think having a baby will save their marriage. It's very stressful but if you are soulmates it will only bring you closer together in the end (in the beginning you will be so tired you will be acting crazy...haha)
    Anyway, you will be great! It's the best thing you can ever ever do! :)

  3. love the kitty picture btdubs.

    ok here are the names i'm thinking you should (definitely) use for your daughter:
    Lisa (i mean... camman)

    ok, actually it's the person that makes the name... so in my attempt to be funny, i decided even if you did name your girl one of those names, she would make it cool.

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