Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dark to blonde

My lovely friend lidiya asked me the other day how many visits it would take for her to go from brown/black hair to julianne hough's blonde. Very smart to ask that because most people know that dark dark to blonde blonde is rarely a one visit situation - especially if you've been coloring your hair dark for years.

so far she's had two appointments and i'll say we're getting there. we went from stripping all the old hair dye (you really never know what you're going to get when you do that) to fully highlighting everything else and ended up with a lovely golden blonde.  she has to get it toned regularly to control what's still left of the old stubborn color, but she's definitely blonde! anyway, here's the two week transition thus far ;)

 we were talking about how truly different you become when you change color so drastically - having to use a different color on your brows and cheeks and how even some clothes work better than others.  reminds me when i went entirely platinum about four years ago.  it did a number to my hair but lets be real, when you transition so quickly the rugged texture kind of goes without saying.  after deep conditioning treatments to replenish some of that lost moisture (one of my fav's is melu by davines - pronounced dah-vin-ess), the hair is still left with a little bit of what i like to call "true grit" (sounds like a title for a movie ;-p).  in fact that's part of what i love so much about going really blonde - the awesome texture! 

thanks guys! 

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  1. Looks fantastic! (BTW I too love that gritty texture of being blonde, and you are so right about hair color affecting your color palette with everything else!)