Thursday, June 27, 2013

little bangs

bangs are one of my favorite things to cut.  you can go so many different ways with them and they yield an instant look! a good fringe speaks for itself - whether it's subtle or bold.  personally i would wear bangs a lot more often if i knew wes was a fan of them on me.  i can wear my hair super short or long - he won't care but bangs are not his fav.  i'll keep revisiting them here and there to warm him up - plus - i just like them.  in the meantime...i project them on my clients ;-p

anywho - my sweet new client kerina came in for a bang trim and went for the semi-micro bangs. they instantly opened up her gorgeous eyes and brows - plus they work so well with the layers in her hair.

here are more little bangs i secretly covet ;)


bang trim anyone? hehe

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