Tuesday, July 16, 2013

six months (and two weeks) along

and getting bigger!  a good friend reminded me that despite how often opposed i am to taking pictures while pregnant, it truly is a special time and documenting it is pretty important.  my body is growing a human being - and the (lately not so) gradual transformation is kind of insane!  i often go between extremes of feeling like a gross beer-bellied man and feeling actually pretty decent and lovely.  sometimes for a split second i'll forget i'm pregnant only to look down at my growing gut and freak myself out a little bit.  and to think, i have three more months of growth - yikes! she's going to be a big girl :)

also, it's been a busy few weeks with our new place - we're making some changes to it before moving in.  at this point it's pretty overwhelming but i know when it's all done it will have so much more value to us knowing we put our own sweat into it. wes is doing most of the sweating of course, but i can do a job or two ;)

that's a wrap! good night peeps :) 


  1. so much fun stuff to look forward to... new home, new human :)

  2. You look amazing! Enjoy having your baby safe inside you! It really is special when you look back. Plus you're "all belly" as they say. You'll be back to normal in a week or so!