Monday, March 29, 2010

allover color - plus

heed.  boring post, but it's a post.
had a root touch up scheduled.  she also wanted to cut her curly hair off to two inches from her head.  all over.  turned out nice :)  my challenge as of late: providing styles that are not necessarily my style.  i had to learn the lol hair (lil' ol' lady) - def a challenge.  interpretation is key.  anyway - that's not bad though.  my ultimate fear is that one day there will be a request for something along gosling's lines:

poor kate.  she's probably the most blogged about hair do.

moving on.

then i had a hair straightening.  the girl was such a sweetheart - she was a military wife and had to bring her two little kids.

and now - i just posted on facebook that i'm going to do the plank before bedtime.  so i had better.  but before i do - i really have to post something else to balance out the gosling up above.

i like the pointed felt hat that irina shabayeva - last season's project runway winner - created as part of her winning collection

i have a green felt hat - i think i can work with it some to copy cat a little.  i'd love a black one i can wear to school - but i'll start with my green one :)

oh.  good news - polaroid's making a comeback

OH - go see the white crow blog - she's one of my favorite people in my world.

have a great night!

crap.  plank.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ballsy client

she's a doll. literally. she didn't mind me having my way with this asymmetrical little cut. i didn't plan it at all, but i'm a little bit proud. any live takers - hehe?

that's all for the night. dang - lame energy you guys. sorry bout that :)

Monday, March 22, 2010


short for bro montana - he finally agreed to let me cut off his long snow boarding hairs

he goes "if you could fit me into a category after this haircut - like a stereotype - which would it be?". i'm all, "you're your own category, little man". big man - rather, but you know how it is with them pesky little siblings. jk.

had one walk in cut today - my full highlight client never ended up showing up but i got a guy instead who breathed reeeeeally heavy when i was cutting his hair. he started making me feel nervous. totally reminded me of when i was the haircut model on stage back in october when the hair pro was razoring my hair into a tiny little pixie and i felt like i was going to lose my breakfast. right there on stage. don't know what it was. i got over it though. my classmates thought i looked a little green. anyhow - that's what his heavy breathing reminded me of. i kept thinking "god, please don't let him puke in my chair". so paranoid.

on that note. have a good night folks. love.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

all american past few weekends

oh dang. don't know where to begin, really.

we had our little cabin weekend in markleyville, where i almost stole this lamp.

and that's me introducing ms jackson to my sweater kitty
it was quite a conversation piece this sweater - literally. ms jackson shared her thoughts with my kitty on the healthcare bill.

then there was the weekend of my grandpapa's funeral which was long and harsh, but it was sure nice to have this one home for a couple of days
yes ol'ka that shirt again. i just happened to find like 3 of them in my old room at my parent's house (now the guest room which has my old diaries and other items - oh well. i'm an open book, who cares. makes for a funner stay - you're welcome guests)

then we went up to northstar the following weekend to take advantage of the crazy storm that came through - and i snowboarded my little heart out to the best that i could remember how.
i did pretty well till the end i think. we saved the hardest run for last which was a bad idea. i'll leave it at that.

then just yesterday, i got a chance to participate in the spring fashion show - representing thrift town as organized by kari shipman of juniper james. photographs taken by ms jeannine mengel and this feller

finally - just had my busiest day at school - 3 clients in a row basically, two cuts and one color. i'm starting to feel very comfortable with the cutting - still a bit nervous about the color, but.

mk. that's all for tonight folks. it's been a liiiiittle while - i think i sort of forgot how to write a little bit. but thanks for checking in regardless.

ps. somebody fly me to ny city to see lenin's enbalmers - based on the book written by ilya sbarsky. i guess i could just read the book as a start :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

in honor of my husband

dang redheds. i kind of did this as a surprise for wes since he left me for like four days. this way i'll stand awkwardly at the airport when i pick him up (we went for work see) and he won't even recognize me!!!! unless you, reader, tell him about it. UNLESS - you, reader, are him. crap.

speaking of crap. how did i miss like almost ten days you guys.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

g-papa was a good man

so changa plans a little bit for my red hairs. my g-papa went to be with the lord yesterday and i think i'm going to spare my ma from extra things to think about (she reeeeally doesn't like all the "crazy" things i'm doing with my hair - i mean reeaally. she wants me to be lady naturalle for the rest of my life) during these next difficult few days. so this will have to wait for next week after all the events. my poor g-pa and g-ma and all their children. it's going to be difficult.

my grandpa was a wonderful man. i'm excited to learn more about his history at the memorial. apparently, he invented something back in russia that they're still using (i think it was a farming tool or something to that effect). anyways. he was a man of strength and an amazing sense of humor. just the driest dang sense in the world.

on a different note (this almost belongs in a different post, but for the sake of sticking to the purpose of this blog) - i had a highlight today that turned out wonderfully. love the feeling of a happy client (especially when they're a friend of yours - go susan! :) and yes - i absolutely NEED to get on the taking-pics-of-my-work train. trust me. i know. i'm lame. sorry.

that's it for now.

i still owe you some things. like pics of this last weekend and of some of my latest finds. and the red when i get there...

love you dears.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

glasses and roots

got my glassers today. super excited - the only cavee - i have one of the highest prescriptions known to man so the lenses turned out a little thicker than i would have liked BUT whatev. the girls at school kept trying them on despite my warnings that they're going to be hit by a bad case of vertigo. i warned them. each one :)

oh yeah, the roots. i did my roots today in preparation for tomorrow's color red. maybe. i'm so impulsive, but this one's different. i've been thinking red for a long time (like copper red) and finally have the balls to do it. maybe. tomorrow. we'll see.

gotta be at work tomorrow at 6. bye!

Monday, March 1, 2010

snow. lodge. and supper. pending.

got back last night. aside from the constant tooth aches (which were mitigated by ibuprofen dosages), amazing. just a wild little rumpus of a time. i was in the middle of loading pics and such - and the battery runs out. so i leave you with this little pic of la raye taking ms jackson for a bathroom break on our way there. the winter is just skazka (russian for folk-tale/story) there. forgot that it's almost over when you're surrounded by nickel size snowflakes. not exaggerating.

yes. oh, my only other caveat was my wardrobe. i didn't even bring stuff to wear in the snow! imeancomeON. luckily i was able to piece together a snow suit from every resource possible (husband, friends, and the cabin's closets :)

as far as school goes - i'll be at 500 hours here in 25 more hours. today's lady's color and haircut turned out nice. my only thing is i wasn't able to put my signature on it and that bothered me. sometimes you have to decide between risking giving the client the edge they were looking for with your limited knowledge and leaning on the instructor's demonstration of it. if you go with the second option, you're stuck with the instructor's method which isn't always exactly the ticket - for lack of better terms. by ticket - i mean, the signature part of it. our instructors are amazing at what they do. the proof is in the pudding folk - they've been doing hair since 30+ years ago so please tar and feather me if this comes off as though i question their abilities. anyway - la dee da. you get the idea.

i'm off. please enjoy my barrettes