Monday, March 29, 2010

allover color - plus

heed.  boring post, but it's a post.
had a root touch up scheduled.  she also wanted to cut her curly hair off to two inches from her head.  all over.  turned out nice :)  my challenge as of late: providing styles that are not necessarily my style.  i had to learn the lol hair (lil' ol' lady) - def a challenge.  interpretation is key.  anyway - that's not bad though.  my ultimate fear is that one day there will be a request for something along gosling's lines:

poor kate.  she's probably the most blogged about hair do.

moving on.

then i had a hair straightening.  the girl was such a sweetheart - she was a military wife and had to bring her two little kids.

and now - i just posted on facebook that i'm going to do the plank before bedtime.  so i had better.  but before i do - i really have to post something else to balance out the gosling up above.

i like the pointed felt hat that irina shabayeva - last season's project runway winner - created as part of her winning collection

i have a green felt hat - i think i can work with it some to copy cat a little.  i'd love a black one i can wear to school - but i'll start with my green one :)

oh.  good news - polaroid's making a comeback

OH - go see the white crow blog - she's one of my favorite people in my world.

have a great night!

crap.  plank.