Sunday, March 21, 2010

all american past few weekends

oh dang. don't know where to begin, really.

we had our little cabin weekend in markleyville, where i almost stole this lamp.

and that's me introducing ms jackson to my sweater kitty
it was quite a conversation piece this sweater - literally. ms jackson shared her thoughts with my kitty on the healthcare bill.

then there was the weekend of my grandpapa's funeral which was long and harsh, but it was sure nice to have this one home for a couple of days
yes ol'ka that shirt again. i just happened to find like 3 of them in my old room at my parent's house (now the guest room which has my old diaries and other items - oh well. i'm an open book, who cares. makes for a funner stay - you're welcome guests)

then we went up to northstar the following weekend to take advantage of the crazy storm that came through - and i snowboarded my little heart out to the best that i could remember how.
i did pretty well till the end i think. we saved the hardest run for last which was a bad idea. i'll leave it at that.

then just yesterday, i got a chance to participate in the spring fashion show - representing thrift town as organized by kari shipman of juniper james. photographs taken by ms jeannine mengel and this feller

finally - just had my busiest day at school - 3 clients in a row basically, two cuts and one color. i'm starting to feel very comfortable with the cutting - still a bit nervous about the color, but.

mk. that's all for tonight folks. it's been a liiiiittle while - i think i sort of forgot how to write a little bit. but thanks for checking in regardless.

ps. somebody fly me to ny city to see lenin's enbalmers - based on the book written by ilya sbarsky. i guess i could just read the book as a start :)

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  1. So Cute dog!! I have one too... And nice blog!!

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