Monday, March 22, 2010


short for bro montana - he finally agreed to let me cut off his long snow boarding hairs

he goes "if you could fit me into a category after this haircut - like a stereotype - which would it be?". i'm all, "you're your own category, little man". big man - rather, but you know how it is with them pesky little siblings. jk.

had one walk in cut today - my full highlight client never ended up showing up but i got a guy instead who breathed reeeeeally heavy when i was cutting his hair. he started making me feel nervous. totally reminded me of when i was the haircut model on stage back in october when the hair pro was razoring my hair into a tiny little pixie and i felt like i was going to lose my breakfast. right there on stage. don't know what it was. i got over it though. my classmates thought i looked a little green. anyhow - that's what his heavy breathing reminded me of. i kept thinking "god, please don't let him puke in my chair". so paranoid.

on that note. have a good night folks. love.

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