Monday, March 1, 2010

snow. lodge. and supper. pending.

got back last night. aside from the constant tooth aches (which were mitigated by ibuprofen dosages), amazing. just a wild little rumpus of a time. i was in the middle of loading pics and such - and the battery runs out. so i leave you with this little pic of la raye taking ms jackson for a bathroom break on our way there. the winter is just skazka (russian for folk-tale/story) there. forgot that it's almost over when you're surrounded by nickel size snowflakes. not exaggerating.

yes. oh, my only other caveat was my wardrobe. i didn't even bring stuff to wear in the snow! imeancomeON. luckily i was able to piece together a snow suit from every resource possible (husband, friends, and the cabin's closets :)

as far as school goes - i'll be at 500 hours here in 25 more hours. today's lady's color and haircut turned out nice. my only thing is i wasn't able to put my signature on it and that bothered me. sometimes you have to decide between risking giving the client the edge they were looking for with your limited knowledge and leaning on the instructor's demonstration of it. if you go with the second option, you're stuck with the instructor's method which isn't always exactly the ticket - for lack of better terms. by ticket - i mean, the signature part of it. our instructors are amazing at what they do. the proof is in the pudding folk - they've been doing hair since 30+ years ago so please tar and feather me if this comes off as though i question their abilities. anyway - la dee da. you get the idea.

i'm off. please enjoy my barrettes

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