Thursday, February 25, 2010

big ol'

i don't know what possesses him to care enough about one measly little headlight at this hour. all i know is i get home...and he's walking around with a "head" light on. love this feller.

anyway - the two crowns today? both on the bottom one on each side. made my whole bottom lip feel like this.

my dentist was so worried about me getting two crowns done in one sitting, he commended me afterwards with two free movie tickets. so i called wes - ecstatic - and said "we got two muh-muh-MOOBIE tikuts".

cool - well, i'm going to pack. yes. we're going cabining this weekend! why do i always have to make a wardrobe out of everything! it gets really exhausting sometimes. but i love it too much to not care.

that is all tonight loves.

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