Wednesday, February 24, 2010

crowned me

my benefits run out on friday since i went part time and being the procrasti that i am - i just a week ago made arrangements for my dentist, foot, and glasses. glasses i can't wait for. the foot thing (tiny bump on my sole that's been there since i last remember - hurts like heck) even i'm okay with. but the fact that i have two crowns tomorrow AND the foot thing as a comprehensive little combo, i guess i'm not thrilled.

it just sucks to have to answer to the nicest dentist in the world. he said "and why haven't you already taken care of these issues since the x-rays were taken last april?" and of course my response was "cuz we're poor!" i later realized (one of the million of things running through my head while under the drill) that i actually looked poor today. you know - wearing an oversized flannel shirt and all. i told the receptionist at school if she'd like to schedule appointments for me she could, but i'm not sure how excited peeps would be to have a drooling limping hairdresser.

moral of the story - take care of yourself!

anyway - i've been thinking of possible ways to make some extra cash for while i'm in school and i just may jump on the apparel selling train. i think i would enjoy that train very much! but that's just a thought that emerged on my drive home today.

ok. ta bed with ya!

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