Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little booger

penny's taking a sick day tomorrow - jk. such a freak. she fell asleep head on a pillow just like you an me. we covered her with a blanket and now it's almost as if she's spent all day plotting world peace - how exhausted she looks. who knows though. sometimes the way she looks out that window...i don't know.

it's raining like no mans land over here and i'm loving the way winter just wants to hang on. there's something about days like this that give me the thoughts of the most improbable possibility of work calling in tomorrow saying "hey - we're closing for the day so stay home". not good for business i know, but in my improbable world, it would still be a very successful day for my employer. everybody wins.

anyway - today was day 2 of my full-time school schedule and my days leave me surprisingly more drained. if you listen carefully you'll hear the tiny little violin playing as i narrate how hard my life is - loler. time will sure fly. and in the meantime i'll be doing some creative work with hair.

K - i'm off to bed. i leave you with one of penny's other random nap places of choice

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  1. i know what you mean about penny. Hang in there with work and school, I know its not easy....but your almost there.