Sunday, April 25, 2010

pre update post

really fancy this outfit i found on lookbook

twas a truly lovely sunday today - full of un-planned events and visitations.  all while driving around topless - or top down, rather.  did i mention our new little ride is a convertible?  oh yeah.  i def will need to wear a hat lest my red fades in the sun.

oh.  yeah.  i cut and colored my hairs.  i'll post a pic soon.  just so dang ready to call it a night!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

mama mia

and i'm supposed to be getting just a trim tomorrow.  a trim.  how can i refrain from this after getting all these images in my head.  i'm such a sucker!  

here's a real life recreation on mia wasikowska, per teen vogue

spent our day in nevada city.  google it - it's a lovely little town.  
we saw this little guy just hanging out smack dab in the middle of the street
stopped by ike's quarter cafe, but unfortunately, the wait was too long so we never really ended up eating there.  too famished we were.  i guess impatient would be the correct choice of words (trying to man-handle the 'victim' perspective - can ya tell? haha)

we ate at a little pub instead that had live music where i had an average grilled cheese which was extremely frustrating.  if you're a grilled cheese lover - you take these things very personally.  every bite made me think of what i could have eaten at ike's for the same price.  oh well - live a little, eh.  

k - tomorra's monday and we know what that means if you have an office job.  

muah!!  toodles. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010


we just got this little guy today.  for such a good price, it's disgusting.  wes drove to santa cruz at 5 in the mo to get it (trust me - i wanted to make a santa cruz trip too - but the fact that he had to be home by noon was kind of a deal breaker) 
debt is so ugh!  we're paying towards it though.  at least i feel like i have something to show for it  (for the most part).

well, while wes left to get the car, i'm at home catching up on my reading.  hung this sweet piece of 70s art over our bed i got at the roseville hospice shop.  
also let penny frolic outside for a bit, she's pretty spent. 
anyway - just listening to sea wolf well into my day.  i think i'll read some more to make up for the long silence.  either that, or i've been wanting to learn to play "videotape" by radiohead on my piano.  i can hear which chord combos are played, but can't execute it before spending like an hour figuring it out.  frustrating.  but rewarding when i'm done.  then i just play it at home over and over.  it's awesome. 

well, goodbye for now :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

caught up

only wes.  would feel like fixing my bike tire at this hour.  he's a doer, my husband is.  

so i started on that felt hat i was talking about.  i just altered the one i had in the back a little and cut a point in the front.  and just for the pic, i added a little headband garland, but i don't think it will reside there permanently

last night these two were over for tea.  one of the best nights i've had in a while - definitely spiced up my regular workweek.  and i sure do hope to have many-a-more of these.  the pic sure ain't too fancy, but eh.  also i realize olga and i are sitting identically alike.  cracked me up.

i discussed with olga possibly moving my blogger to wordpress.  pretty disappointed with the blogspot format changes.  i'm savvy enough to figure out how the new formatting benefits me.  sure feels like it takes more time to post.


did two cuts today - i think the theme was "take it all off".  well, sort of.  my first lady wanted her hair 2.5 inches all around and i took it down from like just below the shoulders.  turned into an adorable little pix.  i think she had very easy hairs to work with.  second one - curly hairs.  she wanted to take off some length also and give it some layers.  i get nervous with curly hair since it bounces up like 50 feet after it's dry.  but we straightened it out after cutting, and it looked like it was pretty dang even.  so that be that.

oh ya - and my school is on good morning sacramento tomorrow morning at 7.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


snooze fest

good day for a venture

started today at the bike swap in the morning.

my bike's tire pops every time i ride it. stupid rim ain't working like it should.  basically some guy gave us a free tire because he didn't want to lug it all the way back home.  i have a reeeeally old street bike.  older means heavier so instead of lighter aluminum wheels, i have some hefty steel ones.  hills are my friends - that is when i go down them.  N E way.

we got so inspired by the gloomy weather and the fact that we actually woke up earlier for a saturday that we decided to take a little drive to woodland to check out a cheap downgrade for a little car

this thing was like $1250.  the idea is to sell wes's nice mazda 6, get a clunker for like less than 3k, and use the excess to put a dent in our debt.  debt is a son of a birch, let me tell ya.  if you can avoid it, DO.  but nevertheless.  it's cute on the pic, but it was quite rusty and gross inside.  we figured, maybe we'll look for a similar model, but a bit less gross.  (then again, we are looking to spend less than 3k).  

after grabbing lunch in old town woodland, we found ourselves carrying the rest of our day into sf. we went one of our fav little spots, miley point.  and then went home.  simple, but probably one of the best days i've had in a long time. 

we stopped by safeway to grab random snacks where wes saw this 

adult cereal.  as opposed to....?  the funniest thing is the cereals under it were captain crunch, cookie crisp, coco puffs, and all the rest of the artificial dough and sugar in a box.  wes couldn't get enough of it - he wanted me to post this here and feels very vindicated, let's just say.  i think his latest is rise crispy cereal - which really isn't all that bad, but. 


oh ya - i forgot to mention, i was lucky to be pulled into a cancer benefit fashion show put together by some high school students at mesa verde high school on friday.  it was pretty crammed, not gonna lie: two stylists and one makeup girl per model, in a room of a capacity limit of like, 10?  there was probably 40 of us, fire martial.  regardless, it gave me a good feel for the stylist perspective for such events and i liked the rush and the cause - horrible headache aside.  

that's bri hard at work on the make up.  


finally - as in lastly - i think as far as my hair goes - i want a combo of very blunt bangs that curve to frame my face 

combined with shorter, whispier and more disconnected sides and back.  or i can just say the heck with it and cut it off again like list time, kind of like

oh i don't know, dang.  so many options and i'm ADD with all of them.  and on that note i think i will end my post.  overkill to the max.  

Thursday, April 8, 2010

ahead of myself much

learned kind of the hard way today that not all texture types cut the same way, dang it.  first client, super big-thick hair - gave her a modern mullet cut via razor and point cutting.  lots and lots of point cutting.  she loved it.  and of course i only thought to take the pic after she left.

second client - finer hair.  lots of finer, silkier hair.  i think i was riled up by my first client and how easily her crazy thick hair fell on her lovely little head.  i think i forgot i was a student and kind of freakishly went at my second client's hair with the same tempo.  lucky for me it was my future sister in law and she was very sweet when i had to call my instructor over to show me how i can get myself out of the weight lines i created.  all in all - turned out beautiful.

k, i'm boring you people to death.

day off from school tomorra - to celebrate wes and i's 5th year togetherness anniversary :)  (wedding 2 year coming in june - stay tuned)  excited is an understatement.  it doesn't take much these days.  i mean, get me a cappuccino and i'm in bliss.  but tomorrow - i mean, oh.  off at noon and the day just won't end, i promise you.  

too much words and no pictures i'm so fired.

i got the short cut hair fever.  mine's getting way too long and i'm looking for a new do-cut.
so many options - i swear i want them all.  i wish i could switch them up daily.

anyways.  i think i'm losing like years off my life for my lack of sleep.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

herbert lacroix

as in mr jamie purdy - entrusted his long locks to my craft this morning.  for which i'm so so grateful.  it's not every day you get someone who's willing to go from long to short in the snip of a shear and yet me - i had like two over the last couple of weeks! 

anyways - conversations of literature and what it takes to look like brad pitt ensued with him and his lovely susan.  (she does tattoos - on wood) 

we started with his long locks 

and ended with some really short ones :)

so that was that.  

wes is out having lunch with his buddy - i might try messing around with that felt hat. who knows, maybe i'll post again later today.  


Thursday, April 1, 2010


carpool lane.  genius.

kidding.  just happened to have my doll head on the passenger seat.  i was cracking myself up between takes.  but if you think about it - it really could work.  even if a cop caught on - what better day to pull this off than april fools.

i couldn't be more excited for the end of the work/school week.  weekend means a break from bland wardrobe and time to read a bit - along with a bunch of other sporadic pics.

cut amber's hairs today.  good to see an old friend - at least in my chair if nowhere else :)  and then did a trim.  lesson for the day: just take the damn tip.

anyways - good night you guys!