Saturday, April 17, 2010


we just got this little guy today.  for such a good price, it's disgusting.  wes drove to santa cruz at 5 in the mo to get it (trust me - i wanted to make a santa cruz trip too - but the fact that he had to be home by noon was kind of a deal breaker) 
debt is so ugh!  we're paying towards it though.  at least i feel like i have something to show for it  (for the most part).

well, while wes left to get the car, i'm at home catching up on my reading.  hung this sweet piece of 70s art over our bed i got at the roseville hospice shop.  
also let penny frolic outside for a bit, she's pretty spent. 
anyway - just listening to sea wolf well into my day.  i think i'll read some more to make up for the long silence.  either that, or i've been wanting to learn to play "videotape" by radiohead on my piano.  i can hear which chord combos are played, but can't execute it before spending like an hour figuring it out.  frustrating.  but rewarding when i'm done.  then i just play it at home over and over.  it's awesome. 

well, goodbye for now :)

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