Thursday, April 1, 2010


carpool lane.  genius.

kidding.  just happened to have my doll head on the passenger seat.  i was cracking myself up between takes.  but if you think about it - it really could work.  even if a cop caught on - what better day to pull this off than april fools.

i couldn't be more excited for the end of the work/school week.  weekend means a break from bland wardrobe and time to read a bit - along with a bunch of other sporadic pics.

cut amber's hairs today.  good to see an old friend - at least in my chair if nowhere else :)  and then did a trim.  lesson for the day: just take the damn tip.

anyways - good night you guys!


  1. :) very cute.
    i wish you really did take the carpool lane with "her".

  2. lol - i think i will. she's becoming a permanent resident in that vehicle

  3. Aww, I had fun visiting when you cut my hairs missy. And what do you mean "take the damn tip"? Did you not cash my check? Cause if so, I will drive down to Sacramento and put it in your bank account myself missy!!!! Love you!!