Sunday, April 18, 2010

mama mia

and i'm supposed to be getting just a trim tomorrow.  a trim.  how can i refrain from this after getting all these images in my head.  i'm such a sucker!  

here's a real life recreation on mia wasikowska, per teen vogue

spent our day in nevada city.  google it - it's a lovely little town.  
we saw this little guy just hanging out smack dab in the middle of the street
stopped by ike's quarter cafe, but unfortunately, the wait was too long so we never really ended up eating there.  too famished we were.  i guess impatient would be the correct choice of words (trying to man-handle the 'victim' perspective - can ya tell? haha)

we ate at a little pub instead that had live music where i had an average grilled cheese which was extremely frustrating.  if you're a grilled cheese lover - you take these things very personally.  every bite made me think of what i could have eaten at ike's for the same price.  oh well - live a little, eh.  

k - tomorra's monday and we know what that means if you have an office job.  

muah!!  toodles. 

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  1. i def. think you should cut it really short like that!