Thursday, April 8, 2010

ahead of myself much

learned kind of the hard way today that not all texture types cut the same way, dang it.  first client, super big-thick hair - gave her a modern mullet cut via razor and point cutting.  lots and lots of point cutting.  she loved it.  and of course i only thought to take the pic after she left.

second client - finer hair.  lots of finer, silkier hair.  i think i was riled up by my first client and how easily her crazy thick hair fell on her lovely little head.  i think i forgot i was a student and kind of freakishly went at my second client's hair with the same tempo.  lucky for me it was my future sister in law and she was very sweet when i had to call my instructor over to show me how i can get myself out of the weight lines i created.  all in all - turned out beautiful.

k, i'm boring you people to death.

day off from school tomorra - to celebrate wes and i's 5th year togetherness anniversary :)  (wedding 2 year coming in june - stay tuned)  excited is an understatement.  it doesn't take much these days.  i mean, get me a cappuccino and i'm in bliss.  but tomorrow - i mean, oh.  off at noon and the day just won't end, i promise you.  

too much words and no pictures i'm so fired.

i got the short cut hair fever.  mine's getting way too long and i'm looking for a new do-cut.
so many options - i swear i want them all.  i wish i could switch them up daily.

anyways.  i think i'm losing like years off my life for my lack of sleep.

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