Thursday, April 15, 2010

caught up

only wes.  would feel like fixing my bike tire at this hour.  he's a doer, my husband is.  

so i started on that felt hat i was talking about.  i just altered the one i had in the back a little and cut a point in the front.  and just for the pic, i added a little headband garland, but i don't think it will reside there permanently

last night these two were over for tea.  one of the best nights i've had in a while - definitely spiced up my regular workweek.  and i sure do hope to have many-a-more of these.  the pic sure ain't too fancy, but eh.  also i realize olga and i are sitting identically alike.  cracked me up.

i discussed with olga possibly moving my blogger to wordpress.  pretty disappointed with the blogspot format changes.  i'm savvy enough to figure out how the new formatting benefits me.  sure feels like it takes more time to post.


did two cuts today - i think the theme was "take it all off".  well, sort of.  my first lady wanted her hair 2.5 inches all around and i took it down from like just below the shoulders.  turned into an adorable little pix.  i think she had very easy hairs to work with.  second one - curly hairs.  she wanted to take off some length also and give it some layers.  i get nervous with curly hair since it bounces up like 50 feet after it's dry.  but we straightened it out after cutting, and it looked like it was pretty dang even.  so that be that.

oh ya - and my school is on good morning sacramento tomorrow morning at 7.


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