Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"every time i see a photo of myself from the past month, i think 'what was i thinking'" --chloe sevigny.  i totally hear ya, girl.  anyway, i wore this on friday, technically.  our camera ran out of battery power and for the life of us we cannot locate the charger.  so we ordered a new one.  but in the meantine, here's ma friday (and some of saturday too):





i got these flared jeans at article consignment (they're paper denim) and still feel a bit iffy about them...on me. (no, elizabeth, they look really good! keep wearing them...ok i will! haha, thanks guys!).

that crazy vintage blouse throw-over is a piece that will likely be found on my shop shortly.  if you like it you can put a ring on it. 

saturday was probably the funnest sixth birthday party i've ever been to - go eva! she's the coolest little girl - you can learn more about her on her ma's blog.  the tyannikov's sure do know how to put on an adult-friendly kid bday party.

ok.  i gotta go ta work.  this post was on draft mode since yesterday - geez.  it's getting turned in as is folks.  whatever the grade, haha.

lastly before i go - today marks 3 years of being married to wes.  woo!  i don't even know wha-haaaappen with the time.  exactly this time 3 years back i think i was eating breakfast with my bridesmaids at fox and goose.  it's been a good three.  praise the lord.

see ya!!


  1. love that throw over!!!
    p.s. lovely captured the evening, fun seeing these. thanks lady!

  2. 3 years already! Wow! Congrats!!