Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday man repeller

i'm a huge fan of the man repeller.  she's got it dead on - for some reason sometimes the clothes that attract me most are very unflattering in wes's opinion.  for example my high-waisted pleated trousers i like so much. or my oversized shorts (also pleated).  the lovely skorts i wore today are another example.  of course he'll always tell me that i look sexy in anything i wear.  his little remarks like "ooh, nice! grandma pants!" make me think otherwise.  but these pieces are so amazing - are they not?






and here i am again, trying to coo my cat into looking natural.  i promise she's really sweet.




yes of course i wore my blazer again.  and you will likely see a repeat performance from the skort things.  i'll be wearing them with polka dots if that's ok with you :)  

here's out neighbors little kitty (name is kitties).  she got really hurt while they were out and is now wearing a cast.  so sad, but so cute.  she just watches all the action outside while healing.  such a button.

in other news - this saturday, sacramento hosted the sactomofo mobile food festival which i had the pleasure of attending.  unfortunately, i was kind of a dumbo and did not take any pics.  however, my friend olga and monica took plenty.  i will let you read their blog posts to see all the gory deets image-wise. that was fun.  this is me with miss delicious noise - how cute is she?!

that's it folks.  have a lovely sunday - hope you're rested and ready for the week ahead :)



  1. you need to share some of those blazers with me :)

  2. love the look and totally understand what you mean, but James always seems to be supportive. Ha! Oh, and love the shot of you and the cat with its tail curled up, Thanks for the love!

  3. ol'ka - touche! i need to give my navy one a little break, haha.

    thanks miss monica! know whatimean? lol.