Thursday, May 5, 2011

raw deal

today i wore white on cream...on nude.  aside from wearing two different shades of the same color, i love the combo of a clean classic cut such as these white pleated shorts that were gifted, with a delicate puritan-like lace blouse (thrifted).




i wore - you guessed it - a mint colored blazer over this ensemble, but i never got a shot of it because the neighbor across the street came out and started watering his street (?) so i thought it was getting a bit awkward, you know...just me, taking pics of myself - no big deal, ha.  and it was time to head off to work anyway.  it was warm enough for lace and shorts, though let me tell ya.

anyway, olga, monica and i attended a thai inspired raw food class today at green boheme and i think it's safe to say that this was my first "full raw meal" experience (more like meal SAMPLE actually).  it was revolutionary to me how foods blend together so well to create this magnificent taste and you can skip the cooking, ha.  the only thing is i think we three expected to actually make and eat our entire individual meal since it was around supper time.  instead, we watched the instructor make one meal and set it aside.  oh the looks we exchanged before we knew that she was going to split the meal into fifteen bite-size portions.  lol.

the thing about it is, i think even wes might like the soup!  i'll make a real meal size at home perhaps ;)

good night now!

ps, how's the corny title for ya :)


  1. I forgot to tell you how cute you looked! Also I think I will make the "not peanut" peanut sauce. Ha!

  2. i can't believe the raw class jipped you guys! i would have been P-Oed! duh lady, we can watch raw demos on youtube. lol (sorry, stickin' up for ya)

    also, my favorite favorite is to wear whites with nudes, off whites, keeping it light! looks cool.

    k. bye.

  3. Love the combo! Never would have thought to put those shades together, but with the different textures, I love it! Beautiful top on you! :)