Thursday, April 28, 2011

mixed prints much?

i did.  yesterday actually.  i know it's kind of overkill on the editing into b&w or "yesteryear", but it helps with the really blah background(s) - like the red door, which you'd never know was red because it's now b&w.





the prints aren't that mixed, now that i think about it.  they're on the verge of mixed, but i think that's what i really like about this combo!  is that they could almost pass for a dress if they were both sowed together at the seams, what do you think?  either way.

oh - here's the other mini project i completed late late easter eve.  i'm talking like at midnight against any sort of better judgment, i pounded just one little nail into the wall - of course the same night my sweet neighbors returned from their exhausting trip.  but my logic was they were SO out of it, they couldn't even hear the pounding.  plus, it was just wes in the living room on the other side of this wall anyway.  PLUS i was working off the cappuccino i had from naked at like 10 - also against better judgment.  sorry am i really still talking about this?  i just wanted to have a mini collage to balance out the shelves we built, is all.
that black and white tear-drop piece was my doodling with charcoal on paper.  i kind of found it when i was going through our bookshelf (another mini proj) and found my ol' sketch book.

lately the looks in the chloe ads have been added to my lookbook/inspiration binder.  the uber smooth hair and subtly frayed edges, the color pallets of the outfits.  whut whut?

that is all for today.
muah - thanks for reading folks :)


  1. Love it all, your look and the Chloe look! I have a dusty pink cardigan that I can't get enough of.

  2. love the first photo. so cute!

  3. loved the pattern mixing! you're missing polka dots :)

    ps... ugh, love that long hair & color... hmmmm