Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wearing hair down

feels good.  today we went wavy.  oh and i wore this to work.  mostly wes's tshirt and grandpa sweater i thrifted for him a couple of weeks back.  the morning was overcast and rainy looking, so the sweater made sense.  somehow the shoes didn't, but i can't resist a pair of jessica simpson clunky pumps that make me 6'3".  i don't mind being a giant.  plus when i'm around wes, i'm still shorter, which i like :)





kind of stuck with the self-timer today so i apologize for the mis-focus in my pics.  

as far as everything else - not too significant of a day, really.  got a parking ticket, trimmed my friend's hair, and had some peanuts (just now, actually).  note to self: you can start riding your bike to work now!!!


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