Sunday, April 3, 2011

update with phone pics.

i do pologize.  we lent our camera to some friends.

today after training at my new job i hit up bows and arrows randomly.  they're moving and are trying to get rid of their entire inventory so all clothes are 75% off!  i was taking pics of things i was trying on to get a different perspective than just my view in the mirror - and it worked (whatever that means, haha).  i ended up buying this vintage burnt orange number.  it was pretty 'used' - but it's so seventies with the tassles and that's been quite the inspiring era for me, clothes-wise. so the price cut justified it.  winning.

wes has been so sweet taking walks with me lately.  it's not his favorite - he likes to have a goal in mind rather than just walking aimlessly, but every time we do, he ends up having fun.  probably because i crack him up with my jokes and stumbling - i seriously trip over everything.  our latest walk we stumbled upon this cute little guy - he/she was on this tiny little bench i think was perfectly made just for him/her.  

(all) the cats in our neighborhood are so so friendly - they approach YOU, it's crazy and cute.  

that is all for now - i must say i've been lagging on my shop, but have found myself again (weird week, sorry!) and will post new items shortly (yep, including the eyelet skirt from two posts ago.  i think.  i've been kind of rediscovering and loving it).  here are two recent items i desire from some of my favorite etsy shops 

ok.  i leave you with this little one.  she makes me go crazy.  i wish i can jump through my computer when skyping to snuggle with her.  this is her with an awkward flower headband.  my sister (who i really wish resumed updating her lovely blog, btw) was telling me how stella is not really a headband girl.  she had to go get one to demonstrate.  i didn't think it was true, but here it is.  i mean, she's adorable with it, but it's just not her, you know (we tried it from the side, and the center)

i know it's a picture of a screen but you get the idea.  

night! want to make it out to the market tomorrow morning. 

oh, and i'm excited for monday night for two reasons a) i'll be getting my trim from one of the ladies at work (hopefully) and 2) it's bbc jane eyre and apple pie night at olga's house!