Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesdays off days

off as in i don't work.  they're very "on" for me otherwise.  i get a day to be creative around the house, shop, work on my etsy shop with my friend olga, read read read!  it's just one day though - not that i get ALL that done in one little journee (zhoor-nay), but i sure do appreciate a tuesday these days :)

i wore this today - this skirt is a brand new favorite.  i had it for a good while, but never really wore it.  until today!  and now i'm selling it on my shop (will be posted soon!)




noodle just yawned and i got a whiff of her crazy breath.  she's been sleeping upwards of 5 hours, this one.  geez!


wes and i finally watched september issue and i was so overly inspired by grace coddington.  she's a genius, and yet so simple.  her style is timeless.  she's kind, but she puts her foot down.  she's adorable!! i particularly like the scenes the camera taped following her down the hall and her crazy big red hair bounces against her black outfit.  she's gorgeous and she's got such a beautiful character, not to mention she produces brilliant stylist work.

well that will be all.  i bestow on you a wonderful night.  i should be in bed a half an hour ago (to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep, yo).  i suck at forcing myself to sleep enough.