Wednesday, August 11, 2010

good tools

i bought my shears today - the guy gave me a good deal seeing as they didn't have a great set for lefty's like they do for righty's.  it's an investment - but mine are jacked so i figured, why not get some good ones now since i'm cutting hair everyday (at school and everywhere else).  i may as well have a chair in my cube at work - better yet, they can sit on the medicine ball and get an ab workout as well, haha.  tsfun.

so i've been driving to work these days - part exhausted - part daydreaming - listening to these folks' new album on repeat.  their music drowns me by the time i get to the office - it's always bittersweet getting out of the car (i sometimes wonder what i look like while driving since sometimes i don't remember half the drive, lol).  i still haven't gotten over arcade's old work, and here they are again.  genius.

and these two old hags won't stop chasing each other all over the house, so i guess you could say, mission accomplished.  penny is no longer lonely.  i'm kind of excited for when they get all cuddly and affectionate with each other.  i told penny now she's got a girlfriend to check out the street fellar kitties with.

*i know i like my dress too.  i told you i got some new items for my shop.

but ya - little 'name pending' is very affectionate - little ms biscuit!  she got used to us quick.  she keeps checking in to see if we have a name for her yet, so the pressure's on.

mk.  that's it.  the cats are going nuts.


  1. when we first brought rozzy home to coop, coop started hissing very aggressively & didn't stop for like 3-4 days straight. & he would growl a dog.
    we couldn't sleep the first couple nights, b/c if rozzy entered the room, coop would go "ape shit" seriously.

    but now, it's about 95% normal, how i wanted it to be...
    he's been w/ us 4 months now... i think he still misses his old family, b/c it was a good family that loved him & took him to starbucks in the care and stuff, but he's warming up to us more and more each day.
    they're buddies now. we're so happy we got coop a friend.

    ps. love the arcade fire too & this song especially! Régine is so cute :)

  2. wait. is that the dress from the antique fair? lovely!

    p.s. you girls and your cats just like moms about their kids.