Tuesday, August 10, 2010

princess pernsys

i'm almost at 1300 hours - two more months and i no longer have to do hair on the black market, but i still just might.  

on the hair growth front - i'm actually enjoying my mullet-esque stage.  i was going to cut off the longer hairs in the back so it starts growing like an even bob, but i started pinning it every which way and doing pig tails.  no wonder they call it party in the back.  haha. and (as if you need to hear more about my hair growth progress), i'm enjoying how it's fading. 

speaking of faded color, i had an opportunity to participate in the designing dreams runway show this saturday at the memorial auditorium, and the way they did my hair later (and i fixed without making too many changes because models aren't supposed to do that, right). the fading made it look like my head was on fire.  not even joking.

and one of my fav shots backstage with our crappier camera - hence the grain, but.


in cuter news!

we've been thinking of getting penny a friend, but have been fearing the commitment of another little feline in the house.  we had to set that aside, however.  seeing penny's lonely little face pop up in the window every time one of us shows up at home the thought of another definitely boomeranged.
anyway, long story short, a girl at school posted that she could not keep her kitty and is looking for a new master.  i called my husband and we sealed the deal and welcomed princess into our cave.

the ONLY thing is that her name is princess.  not to be vain but.  princess? plus, penny's not the biggest fan for the first coupla days with a new kitty in her territory n' all.  kitty called princess.  so i thought whatever sounds closest, but is spelled completely different might work.  don't laugh.  pernsys.  not really sure either yet, so if you have ideas, please.  other than completely changing her name which is also up on the table.

that is all.  for another several weeks, JK JK.  i have new items to post to my etsy so an update won't be far off.  plus i have many thoughts and pictures and i like to talk about myself.  kidding.  but srsly.  not really.  but kinda.  LOL.

ok - my time is up :)

good night sweethearts!

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  1. :) as i was reading, and read the part about 2 cats being a bigger commitment, i wanted to skip to the comment area right away, to tell you how it's not really different, but better... glad i kept reading! ha.

    how about naming her sissy...