Friday, July 30, 2010

went to camp

at dillon beach again this year.  kind of become a tradition with some of the folks from last year: 
i saw this trailer and thought - do you have to be rich or poor to own one?  either way - i'd own one.  and if i was really carefree and unattached, location-wise - i'd live in it and travel with my husband.  the only thing is that we don't really have a talent that we could use to make some extra bucks. illogical money-wise.  so i guess you'd have to be rich then.
i absolutely love dune grass.  i'd love to have a house with dune grass for my front yard. 
and of course the campfires that penetrate the hair and clothes.  oh sooo wonderful. 

the rest of them are found here, if you want to see.  wes and i got a 50 mm lens for our camera and i couldn't stop myself.  


in more news, my uncle had gone to be with the lord on friday.  he's been suffering from cancer, physically, but his responses to the "how are you"'s over the last couple of weeks have been "i'm learning" or "under construction".  to have such an outlook takes strength that cannot be drawn from oneself, that's for sure. he did not look strong, to say the least.  but his faith had become sight.  can't imagine how that must be. 


well, and finally, i made another sale.  good-bye little yellow number. more coming soon so stay tuned :)


also, i'm in the tiana vega designing dreams charity fashion show on aug 7th, hosted by couture connection.  i'd love to eventually do hair for those, but to model in one is such a privilege. furreal.  


finally.  the coles have some amazing new sounds - i want me them downloads.  give them an ear - you haven't heard anything like this yet. 

anywhooo. with family being in town and such, i had some time from school and today, after the post-funeral luncheon, had an opportunity for a nap! imagine that!  

well - aights. g'night dears. 


  1. also, you could have very well been the one to say the eulogy at the funeral.

  2. i love that picture of the little city in the hills... (the 3rd one down, lol)

    and thanks for the music shout out :)