Tuesday, July 6, 2010

dream a little dream.

looking for inspiration for our contest at school.  rock n roll.

i'm actually doing the hair portion - woo!

had an extremely awkward/dreamy/beautiful/borderline creepy dream last night.  it involved my family and i showing up at our old russian church - the old, tiny building.  my dad had a cigarette sticking out of his mouth - he was lighting as the congregation was singing hymns.  my ma - she was a gorgeous creature in white lace.  she had long red locks and had this fair skin - sounds creepy, but almost like a vampire.  what could this mean? i heard when your hair grows you get weird dreams.  but i do wish i had a visual.  i was so reluctant and yet so happy to wake up.  couldn't decide.

speaking of growing hairs, in search of inspiration today for my contest - i came across this.  how will i ever achieve growth with these images all over the fashion sites.
it's funny because all these cuts are the same.  i have to tell myself, take away the product and the styling and the make up and ya got yourself a boy.  convinced, elizabeth?  i'm just teasing.  sounds like my friend liska and i are having the same struggle :)


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