Thursday, July 8, 2010

thursday. done.

since wes and i got our degrees in business - we're always evaluating business's customer service and marketing.  it's automatic now.  we always have THE best ideas for how companies should market.  for a free consultation - just leave me a comment - JK jk.  omg.

but honestly - i have to mention if you're ever in the roseville area - go here, to bloom coffee.  they have the most velvety cappuccino's on the face of roseville planet.  not even joking - they opened about a year or so ago, but were so overdue.  not to mention - yesterday i pulled an embarrassing situation for muh-self - ordered a coffee - went to pay, but couldn't find my wallet so i said "i think i left my wallet in the car - mind if i grab?" and the sweet barista says "yea i'll start your drink".  sure enough it wasn't in my car, but there was my velvet in a cup - ready for me upon my return.  she let me just take the coffee - i'm sure other places might do that, but she made it so not a big deal.  it's the little things.

yes i did return today and paid for two of the same - one for me for the road, and one for yesterday.


and another day at the spanish fly salon today.  it's obvious that i'm not even scratching the surface with what i'm learning in school and i get more and more eager when i extern here (never really learned why they call it EXterning rather than IN, but).

oh - and behold - my new hair growth inspiration - i found her on refinery29's article on 5 fashionista bloggers to watch out for:

i know it's a ways! but today - this made the cut for inspiring.  her roots are exactly my natural level  (i exaggerate - i do that when i'm excited.  she's probably like a level or two darker :)  the only cavee is that i agreed to be in a fashion show in august which requires to brighten up the red in my hairs.  at the time of agreement i didn't mind so much, but now that i see this...dang.  what is a girl to do. life is hard.


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