Thursday, April 7, 2011

that's more like it

hello! here's to today.  i've inadvertently been enjoying 90s inspired ensembles.





sweater - dkny (thrifted)
mini - borrowed
tights - uo
boots - esprit

last day at my office job in the suburbs tomorrow.  and i'm so excited to spend our weekend in the bay!  two things that are making me a happy american citizen.

ps - this week has been crazier than expected.  i hope i'm still ok for the readers that actually check to see if i have new items posted to my shop.  i promised last post that i'd do it, but i'm telling you.  this past week was greedy for my time with two jobs and all.  i did sell a couple of items, for which i am also very grateful (never understood why the word for "appreciative" is spelled without the 'e' in "great").

thanks for stopping by, as always :)