Saturday, April 23, 2011

friday saturday buzz

today since i got off work early i'm taking advantage of the time and doing tiny projects that i put off from weeks ago.  and perhaps post yesterday's outfit too :)

the shorts are thrifted levi's that are like 5 sizes too big that i cut off.  tights are uo.  the oxfords were gifted to me by this one.  the stripe blouse is a vintage piece and so is this amazing eyelet throw-over.  it's actually part of a vintage 3 piece set that goes with this skirt from a couple of posts back.  





later last night wes and i dyed eggs the way my ma used to do it.  it's so neat - you should try it!  they turn out like this beautiful earthy brown color with an imprint of whatever you like.  we mostly used leaves, but then started getting all silly.  all you need is some super cheap nylon stockings, leaves or paper cut-outs of basically any shape you want, you could also used rubber bands or string to make patterns. press them against the egg - wrap in nylon, and throw into pre-boiled onion skin water (i used brown peel from 4 large onions and it was plenty): 





and there you have it.  now i have to think of what to do with four large onions.  any ideas?!  seriously.  

ok.  lastly - look who likes to hang out in the fridge the couple of seconds it's open.  ps, try not to get distracted by the dichotomy of wes's and my eating preferences.  
do you see dat face?!

and of course here comes noodle who follows everything penny does.  

see ya laters


  1. i like how the claws came out in pic#3 ;)

  2. I love those eggs! Gotta try it next year!