Monday, October 10, 2011


how cute is this? i was looking for one for muh-self, but came across one for penny! (noodle can't stand the feeling of anything around her neck).  

penny on the other hand doesn't mind her collar at all.  she's got a bit of tomboy in her (kinda like her ma!) so i know she'll like this one.

speaking of adorable and kitties, my sister texted me this picture and i'm on the hunt for one now.  wook at dat king of the jungle!

i can't believe how much time i'm spending on this cat stuff.  getalife elizabeth.  sometimes i find myself somehow spinning into a rathole of cat videos on youtube.  it's one of those things that i hide from wes.  he'll come home one day from work on my day off and catch me off guard.  i'll be like "haha - i was watching some music videos while the laundry's in the dryer and somehow accidentally clicked on this trash".  

they're unbelievable - cats.  i'll leave you with this one.  my kitties are still petrified of water, so i covet these cat owners who have sweet little keeskas who love to bathe (most of them, that is)! ps the music is almost deal-breaker annoying, but...

i mean come on! 


  1. of all the blog posts i've read this week, i think this one made me laugh the most. what is it about cats that always seems to strike my funny bone? and i adore the cat collar- it makes her look oh so regal!

  2. That music was hilarious!! James walk by and said "what are you watching??? So confused. It was pretty funny. :)

  3. alecto -i know! i can watch cats do their thing for hours!

    monica - lol!!! i know - tell james that I DO NOT endorse this music, haha

  4. ya know, i used to be more of a dog person but thankfully i've converted into more of a cat person. love this video and agree about the song haha.

    soooooo, just left a comment on olga's blog too... but liska and i are going to be spending the entire month of december in sacramento! would love to hang with you and vest!

  5. heyyy! fancy seeing you here nate! vest and i would love to hang out with you and yelisaveta! i just read her blog post about y'all moving back - welcome back to cali - we will definitely be in touch. liska has my numba and i think olga's too. and then there's facebook. and blogs. we'll be in touch ;)

  6. Someone needs to update their blog!