Thursday, July 28, 2011


this outfit was from yesterday, but today i post it :) just because i have a day off and some time! and to compensate for my not making a day's pay - i sold some items from my shop.  which is always nice.  even though i enjoy having things up there just to have them, lol.

so...not to BORE you.  this top dress/throw over deal was one of my regulars way way back in the day (when i actually shopped at stores like macy's and j.crew all the time), but i kind of found it in parents' storage.  of course back then i wore it as an actual dress (all buttoned up and closed).  i found a new use for it - and i love it all the better.  your welcome rescued dress!




you bet i had to tie it up when riding my bike to work. otherwise, who wants see a chick tipping sideways in the middle of an intersection.  put your hands down!



tank top - f21
shorts - men's ben sherman jeans cut-off by my friend for whom they were sadly a tad too big :)
necklace - yes i know.  thrifted.
dress - i think macy's via 1995
shoes - acquired at a clothes swap :)

our late neighbor (i say late because they moved!) hosted a cooking show at williams-sonoma yesterday and i had the opportunity to sit in for fah-ree :) so much fun. and unlike the raw food class from a couple months back, we actually got to eat all the food and dessert!! .

okie doke - i will leave you with this little wonder (my niece!).  i can't believe i'm missing out on so much growth.


  1. Love the versatility of the dress! I've been meaning to purchase something like it too.

  2. I love that you styled the dress into a cape/throw-over. So awesome! And you are srsly beautiful.