Tuesday, July 26, 2011

this town's so strange, they built it to change

been kind of an occupied couple of days (weeks?). my parents had to move out of their too-big-for-them house into a much smaller one.  wes, my little bro, and i took charge of the garage sale - just to make ma and pa a couple of extra bucks off the cool stuff we came across (some of which i kept, haha).

outside of some of the "essentials" (arguable), we got rid of a bunch of their stuff - to sell or to give away.  they have collected so much over the years that i know they could not let go of had they more time to sort it through.  needless to say - my pa still somehow managed to take some things that in my opinion were excess (i'm being nice) - but what do i know!!

i couldn't miss out on the unpacking of course.  that's by far the best part of moving - where you get to arrange things however you want (i was getting very possessive of how they should arrange their furniture - and i don't even live there, ha!).

the other thing is how much old art work we came across.  i have completely neglected my knack for art - we used to generate like 10 drawings a day when we were little.  some of them were assignments from old art classes, but they were pretty great.

anyway -  here are some images from my iphone over the last couple. i've been instagraming most of them, but not all y'all have iphones i gather :)

thanks for checking in!