Monday, June 28, 2010

for a change

i went to an event that focused mostly on make up - and i'm driving a tiny little go cart.  for a change. 

imats - pasadena.  basically a convention of world-class make-up artists (the folks from alice in wondy were there to speak.  doesn't mean i watched them :)  but what i was more excited bouts are major make up vendors selling stuff for super cheap.  particularly that i got all the good quality brushes i'll ever need to do some good make up.  not my strong point for sure, but i'll be better equipped since i'm technically a "stylist".

a little overwhelming at times.  but worth it.  regardless - i went with these lovely ladies - just a bunch of different ones.  in one little motel 6 room.  fantastic.

my hair in this last pic a hot mess.  it's one of those things, if i don't say it, you'll still notice it.  if i do say it, you'll notice it even more.  either way.  you'll notice.  so i'm one step ahead, eh?  eh?

finally - look of inspiration for the night (trying to decide on what color i'd like to stick to as my hair grows - this doesn't help as i've been leaning towards the ashier side, ehhh.  not to mention how much i love the complete all red look - sexy)

anyway bros.  i just realized i put eggs to boil for egg salad sandwiches and they've been boiling for like an hour and a half.  thanks loud pop.  i feel gross and disgraceful.  can't even boil me some eggs.  

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