Friday, June 4, 2010

romalisa in town from melbourn!

i am inept.  
my vaca starts now so a post will ensue of our adventure to pacific grove, ca.
but for now - i just past by the part at my house where my family gathered on wednesday - the occasion being that these two were here for 24 hours (at least in our neck of the woods)
-and i got heavy-hearted and reminiscent.  i'm so clingy!

anyway - here are imagers of some of the fools that participated in this fantastic occasion

ma - such a lovely lady

she prepped our supper and it satisfied the russian in me :)

i love this kid's face.  and this pic.  it reminds me of the pictures they put in textbooks about happy kids who don't do drugs and go to school.  

also i've had the pleasure to snip-a-doodle here and there (at school and otherwise).  i had to include this picture because mary lou really treated me with the most delicious coffee and macaroons in exchange for cutting her papa's hair.  

alright - wes just gave me five minutes to finish up.  we gotta go turn our car in for repairs before we go tomorrow :)

and i must pack (you bet your dollar i'm treating this like a two week vacation)
and i hope to post some items for sale on etsy.  some of my sweet friends are doing it - i want to share too :) but as one of our department managers at work said "hope is not a strategy".  regardless.  i hope to do it.  

thank you!

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  1. loving how your shorts turned out! I was just thinking earlier today... i wonder if those did end up fitting her....?

    Have a lovely time on your vaca.

    looking forward to your take on etsy.