Monday, May 24, 2010

perm and open mic!

just got back from fox & goose (what a fun spin on a monday, eh) where our lady suz was supposed to perform but we found out she's #17 out of, like 17?  i still had my drink since i was there and we all had a coupla good laughs - one of which was me talking about me.  i told them about my attempt at smooth-talking a feller i had a crush on many years ago at that same place.  it went like this - on my way out the door i saw him standing in my peripheral vision and i came up to him and said "you did a great job tonight" - and before giving him a chance to respond i said "well havagoodnight" and darted out the door.  smooth elizabeth.  oh well - wes came along soon thereafter anyway - all the better if you know whatamean.  freaking love of my life if i ever.  
first official perm today!  she was a great lady, mardy.  she happened to be the grandma of a buddy of ours, chris peterson, who resides in spain these days.  musician, social butterfly, and missionary.  anywho - that did me some good practice and i retained some extra dollars towards my miscellaneous fund - which i want to say goes towards new shears, but lets be honest - it's all dinner and coffee money.  i'm such a failure.

fav look of the day on lookbook - not that i post these everyday, but today this one in particular stood out
particularly the vintage pant.  particularly.

off i go.  i mistake this day for friday yikes!



  1. oh my gosh... i think i was there with you that night? right? blonde guy? lol.

  2. you texted me to come - member? look what you made me do! lol

  3. ohhh yeah, hahaha!!! so funny, it's a little foggy, but remember!