Monday, May 17, 2010

i'm a ghetto

i have inherited a gangsta walk.  sunday morning i woke up with what i call noodle legs - just inept.  no clue as to what the hell i did that caused such a disability.  lol - turns out i've been squatting for like three hours in a row when adorning the beautiful models at the fashion show this weekend: them sitting on a stool and all my materials laying on the floor.  it was like - grab curling iron, curl, put curling iron down.  squat stand squat stand.  anyway - i was on j st today just walking to my car and was so aware of my ghetto walk i just wanted to splain maself.


wes had booked our anniversay 3-day weekend in monterey outskirts i can't wait!  i can't' just not wait - i'm already bummed for when it's over!  i hate when i do that - i ruin every exciting event in my life by grieving its end before its very arrival.  who does that?!

and i can't wait for the arrival of liska's polka dotted tank.  heads up i will have it on for several days in a row with my new skorts i bought from roseville hospice thrift.

take care.  and yes i love you and i don't even know you.


  1. yo! we love monterey!
    there is farmer's market on tuesdays, downtown(?)& there is an indian stand... well, that is, if you like indian food-- it's amazing!

    maybe they started a restaurant by now...
    but anyway. have fun! & i hope you really end up loving the tanky!

  2. oh fun! when are you guys going? we are going to the area ourselves for a few days at the beginning of next week. But we're staying in the city i think.

  3. i think pacific grove-ish ol'ka. if you'll be round there let me know if you run into some fun places to be :)