Sunday, May 23, 2010


one year ago today - sacramento was at 100 degrees.  today was - a lot colder.  and windier.  and bi-polar overcast vs sunny.  so my favorite!
and what did i do after driving out to folsom for an early lunch with my girls?  slept.  and slept.  inspiring weather and all!  the body wins - sorry high weekend expectations.  i truly am my worst enemy sometimes.  

anyway - on another note, how brilliant is this?!  i always thought - there's gotta be a pretty way to display fugly little things people use when they think they're seriously decorating.  who knew.  and yet so simple.    
 well - multitasking will only take me so far.  i'm watching "uncertainty", a very stressful movie.  the character's mom is in tiny ways reminding me of my beautiful ma.  beautiful, but has her ways.  but that's not what's making it stressful.  it's the insane circumstances.  i better go.  with movies like this i always have to remind myself that i cannot control their decisions.  re-lax.   

fare thee well, amigos.

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